Financial Services Advice and Support


Antonis K. Karas L.L.C. team of experienced legal and business professionals can assist you with all legal and regulatory matters in banking, investment services, capital markets regulation and the funds sector, including domestic, financial institutions and investment firms.


Banking regulation

We offer legal advice and support to achieve compliance with the legislation applicable to banks and other financial institutions, including:

the Cyprus Banking Law, the Payment Services Law, the E-money Institutions Law, the Transfer of Banking Loans Law and the Financial Leasing Law
the directives, regulations and guidelines issued by the Central Bank of Cyprus
the EU legislative framework on regulatory capital
the Banking Recovery and Resolution Directive, as implemented in Cyprus


Areas of work include:

investment services and capital markets regulation
funds and collective investments advisory, establishment and maintenance
establishment and organizing options, enabling clients to make well-versed decisions
obtaining the requisite regulatory licence from CySEC, dealing with all stages of the process, from preparing and filing the application up to the granting of the regulatory approval
ongoing legal and tax advice