Intellectual Property


With a high level of performance and a great history of experience serving major worldwide brands, Karas – Law firm has become an essential successful partner of many international companies and brand owners by providing them the best intellectual property service including trademarks registrations / renewals, and protecting their legal intellectual property rights, fighting on their side against any kind of infringement whether it is done by individuals, shops, companies, or unfair competitors.

We support our clients with a wide range of legal and paralegal services in Europe, Middle East, Africa, China and any other requested regions, through a global network of branch and representative offices.

Our Head Office in Cyprus is successfully able to provide such worldwide IP services through our well-established global network of representative offices, and associate firms. Our long-standing relationship with authorities and our associates allows us to deliver a truly global service.


Why us?

A long history and experience in a highly diverse range of industries has sharpened our skills, making our company truly distinctive in the world of intellectual property.

We have successfully crafted multiple prosecutions that target hard to reach infringers.

We have conducted many training seminars, which have helped to raise awareness among the related authorities regarding how dangerous the counterfeits are for the consumer’s health and safety as well as the country’s economy.

Flexibility, discernment and innovation are core values at Karas-Law firm. Our clients retain complete control of their IP protection programs and engage our services only to the extent needed.

Moreover, changing conditions often require immediate and creative responses. As such, we are able to adjust our programs swiftly and accordingly.

Our IP investigations operations include retail markets, wholesale markets, distributors, warehouses, factories, etc.

We keep our clients data confidential as we consider it an essential part of their trade secrets, therefore we do not even reveal our clients list.


IP Investigations And Protection Services

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS started to play an important role with international producers and they have since become a key factor in the success of many international businesses as protecting their IP rights has a proportional relationship with increasing their sales rate, therefore the business overall grows while keeping their reputation clean.
As the Industrialization world grows, the percentage increases of ‘bad guys’ who try to take advantage on these successful businesses via unfair competition acts such as counterfeiting famous products, imitating logos or imitating trademarks, etc
Karas-Law provides the best protection services for our client’s business including, but not limited to, discreet & confidential IPR investigations.
All of our operations are recorded with detailed reports, which we present to our client upon completing a task.



Organize and conduct training seminars with the related authorities to raise awareness of our client’s products

Organize any official meetings / events requested by our clients

Anti-counterfeiting investigations

Trademarks, copyright, patent, design infringement investigations

Parallel trade investigations

Grey market investigations

Market survey

Market watch

Geographical indication investigations

Conduct & organize criminal and civil raids/seizures

Customs protection

Internet survey and monitoring services

Exhibitions monitoring

IP sample/test purchases

IP attorney services

Vendor’s Information