Copyright law

Solicitors here are experienced in matters of licensing, transfer and litigation. We have an active practice in the protection and licensing of, as well as litigation about, copyrights and designs. These rights relate to form and appearance rather than to technical principles of construction. Our solicitors handle applications for those which are registrable and advise on unregistrable rights which arise automatically.

Our solicitors can supply the ability, precision and energy which companies, businesspeople and correspondent professional firms need in a competitive world marketplace to manage their intellectual property rights successfully, including in relation to:
• computer software
• confidential information
• copyrights
• database rights
• defamation and trade libel
• designs (registered and unregistered)
• employee obligations
• EU treaty regulations
• free trade
• information technology
• internet
• joint ventures
• know-how and show-how
• licensing and franchising
• litigation, arbitration, mediation
• media and publishing
• patents (licensing, transfer and litigation)
• passing off
• technology transfer
• trade marks
• unfair competition