Cyprus Investment Programme

Cyprus provides a new Investment Programme for the acquisition of the Cyprus Citizenship through naturalisation by exception. The Investment Programme is one of the most competitive schemes in Europe and the applications lodged are increasing significantly. Through the Investment Programme and a total investment of €2.000.000, the investor can apply for the acquisition of Cypriot Citizenship and this incorporates the participation in Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and Registered Alternative Investment Funds (RAIFs) as a class of approved investments. A criteria of the Investment Programme to be met is a minimum donation of €75.000 to the Research and Innovation Foundation, as well as a minimum donation of €75.000 to the Cyprus Land Development Corporation.

Investment Requirements

The basic investment requirement for is €2.000.000 in approved investments and €500.000 in housing residence.

Permitted Investments

Property Investment
Property investment involves the investment in land that could be developed, taking into account that there is an investment plan for development. This criterion excludes the purchase of land which is coherent into zero growth zones.

Investment in regulated Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and Registered Alternative Investment Funds (RAIFs)
Investment in Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) which are registered in the Republic of Cyprus, licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission and which invest exclusively in Cyprus as well as in Registered Alternative Investment Funds (RAIFs), registered in the Republic of Cyprus and invest exclusively in Cyprus.

Residential, Commercial and Tourism Development
Purchase or construction of immovable property whether residential or commercial, and whether related to tourism section.

Participation or Establishment in a new or existing Cyprus Business
The applicant must have obtained, incorporated or taken part in businesses or companies residing and operating in the Republic of Cyprus.

Construction Activities
Investment for the purchase or construction of buildings or for the construction of other land development projects is also included in the criter

Infrastructure Development
Investment in infrastructure projects for Cyprus.

Investment: €2 million | Residence: €0.5 million | Donations: €150.000 | Investment Retention Period: 5 years | Timeframe: 6 months

Supplementary Services

Consultancy on the required financial criteria and conditions to be met depending on the specific personal circumstances.

Examine the chosen investment option of the applicant in order to establish the most effective and efficient way to achieve the necessary financial criteria.

Drafting and supporting the preparation and submission of all required

Drafting of employment, rental, purchase and other related contracts.

For further information please contact Mr. Christos A. Karas at or Mrs. Polivia Trikomitou at

Cyprus Investment Programme
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