Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

The IP department at ANTONIS K. KARAS L.L.C is dedicated to providing outstanding Intellectual Property Rights protection services with highly qualified multinational team members and their rich background in serving major worldwide brands through a long career history in the IPR protection field.

Our IP team includes legal, paralegal experts, and IPR investigators who have extensive knowledge about major international brands from different industries, including Luxury & Fashion brands, Cosmetics, Food and beverage, Tobacco, Sportswear, Electronics, Lightings, Sanitary ware, Electrical supplies, Construction materials, Automotive spare parts, Pharmaceutical, IT Software, and Computer Peripherals.

We provide our clients with a wide range of legal and paralegal IPR protection services in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, through a global network of representative offices.

Our Head Office in Cyprus manages all the activities in every country that we operate in to ensure that all work is done in a proper professional way to meet our clients’ standards and pass their expectations with positive results.

Our worldwide professional network and connections with IPR bodies, governmental IP departments, IP law enforcement authorities, etc. allow us to provide a true global IPR protection services.

Our business strategy is to establish long-term business relationships with our clients, therefore flexibility is our key factor in being able to tailor our services in the best way, which fits our client’s business needs and with best Unbeatable charges.

Trademarks registrations and renewals

Through us you can register a new trademark or renew your already registered one in any country you wish.

Anti-Counterfeiting and Anti-Piracy investigations

General market investigations:

Upon our client request, our IPR investigation teams search the required market for any IPR infringement of our clients’ products, which could be fake products, substandard products, or trademarks infringement and copyright theft.

Further investigations:

More in-depth investigations about suspected targets usually to collect more information about their backgrounds, and business, which requires additional intensive work.

Online brand protection

Our dedicated online investigations team searches the internet using our intelligent tools to identify any IPR infringement of our clients’ products.

IP law enforcement

Taking the proper legal actions against IPR infringements:

Filing official complaints against IPR infringers to related the IPR law enforcement authorities.

Coordinating with IP law enforcement authorities

Supporting and assisting with the legal actions against IPR infringers with IPR law enforcement authorities whenever it is applicable.

After action services
Following up with the authorities on the raid and the seized counterfeits.

Enrolling brands and trademarks with the IPR bodies such as CID, Customs, Consumer Rights, and Economic Development Department, etc.

Trainings and workshops

Arranging awareness programs and events, official meetings, seminars, workshops, etc.

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