Long-Term Resident Status in Cyprus

The EU Directive 2003/109/EC on long-term residence aims to harmonize the conditions of residence for non-EU nationals, ensuring they enjoy rights comparable to those of EU citizens. This directive provides a pathway for third-country nationals who have legally resided in an EU member state for a continuous period of five years to apply for long-term resident status. This status offers numerous benefits, including enhanced mobility within the EU, access to the labor market, education, and social security systems.

The Republic of Cyprus has adopted the above Directive provides the status of a long-term resident to third-country nationals residing in the areas controlled by the Government and meet certain requirements and criteria.

Eligibility Criteria: To qualify for the LTR status, applicants must:
• Be third-country nationals.
• Have legally and continuously resided in Cyprus for the past five years prior to application.
Periods of absence from the areas controlled by the government of the Republic do not interrupt the period of residence and are taken into account in its calculation, as long as they are less than six consecutive months and do not exceed a total of ten months during the last five years prior to submission of the application.
• Hold a valid residence permit.

Main Requirements: Applicants need to demonstrate:

• Sufficient maintenance resources.
• Health insurance to ensure they do not become a burden on the Republic’s Welfare System.
• Adequate knowledge of the Greek language at level A2.
• Adequate knowledge of basic elements of contemporary political and social reality of the Republic. The exams are organized by the Examinations Service of the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Sports, and Youth.

Residence in the Republic:
• The initial LTR permit is issued for five years.
• It is automatically renewable upon application, with no time limit, allowing for up to ten years of usage.

Rights of Long-Term Residents: Holders of the LTR status enjoy equal treatment with Cypriot citizens, particularly in:

• Access to paid employment.
• Engaging in independent professional activities.

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