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Important Update on Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) Registration

We would like to bring to your attention an important announcement from the Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property regarding the registration of Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) details in the Registry of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (RUBO). Implementation of the “Final Solution” Electronic System for UBO We are pleased to inform you that the […]
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Clarifications on Revised criteria for PR applications under 6.2 (2.5.2023)

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION AND CLARIFICATION Regarding the 4th revision entered into force on 02/05/2023 concerning of the criteria for granting an immigration permit within the scope of the expedited procedure to applicants who are third-country nationals and invest in Cyprus the below was clarified by the relevant authorities: REMITTANCE/ TRANSFER FROM ABROAD FOR THE INVESTMENT The […]
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Revised Criteria related to the accelerated process (Reg. 6.2) for Immigration Permits in Cyprus.

Pursuant to the provisions of Regulation 6(2) of Aliens and Immigration Regulations the Minister of the Interior after informing the Council of Ministers has announced numerous changes and amendments in the policy regarding the issuance of relevant immigration permits concerning third-country nationals. The investment criteria Regarding the investment criteria, the following will apply: The applicant […]
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Amendment of the policy for granting a temporary residence permit in Cyprus for Visitors  

The Civil Registry and Migration Department (“CRMD”) has recently announced numerous changes in the policy regarding the issuance of the first and the renewal of visitor’s permits concerning third-country nationals. The recent changes introduced, affect mainly the financial criteria that should be satisfied by the interested individuals for the submission of the relevant application. Background […]
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Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

What is the “Cyprus digital nomad visa”: The “Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa” Scheme allows nationals from non-EU and non-EEA countries, who can perform their work location-independently using telecommunications technology, to reside temporarily in Cyprus and work for an employer registered abroad or perform work through telecommunications technology for companies or clients located abroad. The Scheme’s […]
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Government’s New Strategy for attracting Businesses

Government’s New Strategy for attracting Businesses The Government of Cyprus through the Minister of Finance, in October 2021 has announced and introduced new policies that will implement and commence on January 2022 so as facilitate and attract foreign companies to operate and expand their business in the Republic of Cyprus. 1. BUSINESS FACILITATION UNIT The […]
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